Contract Manufacturing Services

Martin Rubber manufactures high quality custom molded rubber components and parts, precisely to our customers' specifications.  With presses ranging from light hand-pumped lab presses, with clamp forces from 0 PSI to 40 tons, to our largest presses with up to 900 tons of clamp force, we are equipped, experienced and ready for every kind of rubber molding job, from your crucial rubber prototype, to your most challenging and high volume rubber product design. We provide the same level of exacting attention and careful quality control whether our customer buys one or two parts a year or one to two million per month.

We offer a variety of value-added services, which we are pleased to suggest when they might be applicable to your project. These can include services like rubber-to-metal bonding, product marking, color-coding and assembly. Rubber to Metal Bonding

Color-coding, for example, can substantially enhance efficiency in the later use of certain custom molded rubber components, by allowing similar parts of varying sizes to be distinguished instantly by color.

Also, many parts look alike but have small differences. We can color code different parts to help distinguish them during assembly. Different rubbers can be colored to help identify them.

Engineering Rubber

For promotional purposes, a toll-free telephone number and/or logo can be a valuable addition to your custom molded rubber parts, generating further business for you down the line of the life of your part. Part numbers and website addresses can likewise be engraved to permanently reside in your parts. Add a tab on your custom part for easy assembly. Custom Molded Rubber Products

Contact Martin Rubber today to find out how we can meet the challenge provided by your project, exceed your expectations, and custom mold rubber parts to perfectly fit your needs.

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