Rubber Molding Materials

At Martin Rubber Corporation, our employees have decades of experience working expertly with a wide range of rubber molding materials, including silicone, natural rubber, synthetic elastomers and all synthetic polymers.

Some of the materials which we use to manufacture parts to our customers' specifications include the following:

EPDM -- EPDM rubber is an elastomer commonly used for automotive weatherseals, rubber mechanical goods, various kinds of hose, and many other applications.

SILICONE -- Silicone rubber is a polymer with excellent properties at extremes of temperature. It is a highly inert material, and silicone rubber molding produces parts well suited to medical applications.

NEOPRENE -- Neoprene (polychloroprene) is a polymer with good properties of resistance to many chemicals including oil, and it is also resistant to abrasion.

BUNA-N -- Buna-N, or nitrile rubber, has good resistance to extreme temperatures, and also resists oil and many chemicals, although it has less flexibility and strength as compared to natural rubber.

The above information is offered purely as a sampling of our capabilities. We manufacture no products of our own: our mission is to give the most careful attention to manufacturing your product to your exact specifications.

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